Human-Level AI Conference
22. Aug. 2018 - 25. Aug. 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

Human-Level AI Conference

AlzaTech Report from conference. Among others there are Petr Šrámek (CEO) and Jan Romportl (CSO) from AI Startup Incubator.



An official invitation:

The world’s number one Human-Level AI (HLAI) Conference is set to take place in Europe for the
first time, coming to Prague from 22-25 August 2018.

HLAI 2018, which is being hosted by general AI research and development company GoodAI, will
feature some of the leading thinkers from the AI field and focus on advancing fundamental AI
research aimed at overcoming the limitations of current narrow AI applications. The conference
will see both an academic track and a Future of AI track aimed at the general public.

The Future of AI track will run for one day and see speakers from Facebook AI Research, Google
DeepMind, Microsoft, and other leading researchers discussing their cutting edge work (see full
list of speakers below). The academic track will run for three days and be made up of three well
established conferences: AGI (Conference Series on Artificial General Intelligence), BICA
(Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures) and NeSy (Workshop Series on Neural-Symbolic
Learning and Reasoning).

Both tracks will tackle some of the most pressing questions in AI research and development, as
well as some of its broader implications through dedicated sessions. The “AI Safety and Societal
Impacts Symposium” will bring together interdisciplinary scientists, AI safety experts and business
representatives to discuss the opportunities and risks associated with a global race for AI. The
conference will also feature a session on the potential of AI and will seek to answer the question
why governments and private sector should invest into this emerging technology. The session will
be co-hosted by GoodAI and Ernst & Young.


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