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Invest in startup

Added value for Investors

Active Scouting Process
We search the whole world for you and come up with the most valuable AI startups currently on the market.

AI Technology Expertise:
We have unique evaluation methodology, done by AI experts, based on more than 60+ evaluation parameters ensuring the selection of high-quality startups and their precious technology.

Reducing Your Investment Risk
Strict evaluation, AI deep understanding, financial governance
and proactive change management reduces your investment risk.

Tailored and Systematic Incubation
Saving you time & money with accurate governance, monitoring & transparent communication. Tech experts track and help the development of the AI technology to the next level together with business mentors.

Preparation for Next Investment Round
We manage the start-up readiness as well as all documents and due diligence for next investment.

Invest in future with us.

Looking for promising and controlled high return investing opportunity?

Fill out the form and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to find the most suitable solution for your needs.

In a context where Artificial Intelligence industry is getting bigger every year at a very fast pace, AI Startup Incubator has grown as the first specialized organization actively looking for Startups deploying AI technologies.

Angelo Burgarello

Business Development Manager
AI Startup Incubator
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