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In a context where Artificial Intelligence industry is getting bigger every year at a very fast pace, AI Startup Incubator has grown as the first specialized organization actively looking for Startups deploying AI technologies.


We thoroughly evaluate dozens of AI Startups per month with our specialized team of AI technical experts using our own unique methodology. We identify opportunities, gaps and risks. Only the most promising Startups having the potential to disrupt the market globally are pitched to Investors.

AI Stratup Incubator

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Our main added values

  1. Consistent AI startups scouting process
    Our team of experts connects with dozens of startups every month, ones that have existed for some time and new ones.
  2. Our understanding of AI technology
    We have built a community both locally and globally and we understand all about artificial intelligence and machine learning. We save you the hassle of having to search and evaluate tons of AI projects in the market, do it for you, and recommend the best!
  3. Our consistency
    We continuously and systematically analyze the available artificial intelligence startups and with the experience, we have gained over the last few years, you can count on us to provide you with the most promising startups.
  4. We help you saving time and resources
    We ensure full investment management, help you with product development, and provide you with relevant reports every week, month or quarterly, whichever you choose.
  5. We lower your investment risk
    The investment is frozen in a bank account and the batch release of invested to a startup based on the milestones that are fulfilled monthly. In case of missed milestones or a committee decision, the project is stopped and the frozen amount is returned to the investor.

Vlastimil Palata

Vlastimil Palata

satisfied investor

I perceive the added value of Al Startup incubator especially in the fact that you are a team of people who have experience with startups development, as well as with managing their economic system and project management. And if I want to invest in Startup, I need a team like that on my side.

We drive incubation to success:

  1. With our unique focus and positioning we strengthen the startup and investor relationship by a win-win strategy. By helping the startup in the incubation we ensure efficient investment execution defending the investor’s interests. We also help to build mutual understanding and confidence.
  2. We synergistically complement the investor’s expertise with long-term technical expertise in AI, and resources and skills for day-to-day investment management.
  3. We thoroughly understand the dynamic nature of early startups and continuously foresee risks, need for changes and help startup with mitigation strategy.
  4. We incubate the startups and prepare them for next investment round. We also prepare all documents and due dilligence for next investment round.
  5. We help the startups to fully focus on the product/service development taking care of administrative tasks and paperwork. Also providing help with legal and administrative stuff.
  6. We transfer our knowledge and experience to Startup and provide state of the art technical guidance.
  7. We supervise technical quality and regularly validate outcomes per incubation plan.
  8. We lead weekly governance calls.
  9. We provide international mentorship program to grow big and fast.
  10. We ensure change management and communication processes.
  11. We have agile approach.

Daniel Kunz

Daniel Kunz

investor, owner of incubator

When looking for my next investment, I wanted to focus on AI. The opportunities seemed endless. However, I only wanted to choose from the top quality startups. That is why I established the AI startup incubator. A group of experts identifies the stars of the AI startup world, transparently presents their value and then keeps them on track during with their incubation.

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