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Startup Incubation

Financial Investment

In cooperation with our investors we provide investments starting from 150.000 USD up to 1.500.000 USD for 12 months of incubation program. After the incubation we will also help you fundraising again for your next investment round.

AI Expertise

Your project will be supported by AI technology professionals, through counsel, prototyping, and features development. We have an in-depth understanding of AI technology practical for speech recognition, problem-solving, learning and planning.

AI Networking

We help to involve you with AI 
related international conferences, organizations, companies, startups, and public institutions. You will gain access to a large number of computational  resources and other partner perks.

Business & Mentoring

Leading experts will provide not only legal, financial, marketing, and HR advice, but also support to help you with strategic planning and traction boost. We know domain expertise and execution wins over technology disruption alone.

Individual Approach

We do not adopt a one-fits-all approach with the startups we partner with. We listen to your needs and create a customized plan addressing the specific challenges your project might face during its development.

Smart Money

We understand that each startup comes at varying  stages of readiness and with a unique set of challenges. We have a carefully selected pool of investors to make the perfect match with your needs. On top of this our expertise will be available for you anytime.


Our incubation is first and foremost just the start of a unique and longlasting partnership and cooperation.
It lasts one year, four milestones and at the end we are looking with you for another investor. 
Our project manager and mentors as well as your team will have clear, detailed and transparent goals and KPI’s, all set up in cooperation with you and the investor we bring into the picture. You will know what you are getting from us well in advance.

So How Does it Work?

We don’t offer one sided non applied lectures or generic advice, we always reflect your stage of maturity and your specific goals, be it to conquer another market with your already advanced product or be it to get your proof of concept into MVP and to the first pilot or customers. Below please see an example for one of the possible maturity situations.

1. Initiation

Together we establish the right form of cooperation (remote vs. on-site, touch points, systems etc.) and start planning the timeline in detail, the organisation, the team and the expectations.

2. Concentration

The focus is on the product development and testing, customers acquisition or pilot preparation (tailor made for you and your stages of maturity).

3. Piloting

Implementing MVP in the first customers, testing in real production environment. Marketing preparations and Sales plan in action.

4. Launching

Sales and Marketing in full speed, acquiring new customers and contacts, first revenues. Preparations for new investment round.

Incubation Services

During the whole incubation program we focus on three main areas of development. That is the Team (usually under great strain from the growth experienced), Product and Business. 

Examples of Startup Incubation Services:
▪ Securing the financial investment for the project
▪ Support from our AI team of experts
▪ Access to chosen mentors, partners and connected benefits
▪ Clear and transparent help and support with plan delivery
▪ Standardization of the delivery process and documentation
▪ Investor management and reporting
▪ Steering meetings preparations
▪ Management of change
▪ Risk management
▪ Workplace
▪ Legal, accounting and other support
▪ Next funding or exit preparation
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