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Our Team

Core Team

We are an agile lean core team. Our main goal and passion is in simply speaking to bring together the right people, the right experts and the right opportunities in the right moments in order to help you grow.

Our Mentors

We will not try to persuade you we are experts on everything, instead we make partnerships and bring in the people who are hands on experts in the fields you desire as they are needed. Below please see a few chosen ones, from our long portfolio.

Nell Watson

Education, AI, Board & Advisory

Tomáš Mikolov, Ph.D.

AI Expert

Adam Herout, Ph.D.

Brno University of Technology

Aleš Horák, Ph.D.

Masaryk University

Matěj Hoffmann, Ph.D.


Ondřej Fiala

NLP specialist

Jiří Jelínek

Health Care, wellness

Petr Svoboda, Ph.D.


Roman Cabálek

Former General Manager at Microsoft Czech

Jan Zadák

Associate Advisor

Alexander Fred-Ojala

AI Software Engineer, Blockchain Specialist

MUDr. Filip Spaniel, Ph.D.

Health Care Specialist

Francesco Benincasa

Blockchain and Advisory

Jan Trmal, Ph.D.

AI, NLP and speech technology

Jan Veselý

Slevomat, Charles University

Jiří Devát

Strategist and Business Developer

Josef Holý

UX of AI and AI alignment

Juraj Atlas

Transportation futurist

Justin Wady

Human Resources

Pavel Konečný

IoT and AI

Leila Entezam

Business consulting, Project management

Lorenzo Rossi

User Acquisition

Luca Mastrorocco

Marketing and Human Resources

Marcus Zethraeus

AI Software Engineer

Milos Lenoch

StartupYard Founder

Nick Burnett


Olga Svobodová

HR Specialist

Oto Hausman

PMI Certified Practitioner

Vito Monteleone Ph.D.

AI Software Engineer

Ing. Arch. Petr Bednář

3D Artist, Gaming

Jan Fura

IT Retail Private Brands Subject Matter Expert

Jan Miksatko

AI Software Engineering Expert, Healthcare Specialist

Jiří Materna, Ph.D.

Associate Advisor

Garan Goodman

Entrepreneur by heart

Zuzana nehájová

EY Innovation Hub Leader

Vladislav Severa

Machine Learning and AI enthusiast.

Miroslav Sovják

Air Bank

Vince Kohli

Retail, healthcare and agriculture

Radomil Štumpa


Bram Roelink

Business Coach & Leadership Trainer

Daniel Marek

Innovator & digital creator.

Pavel Kaminsky

Payment security brainiac, QSA
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