Human Resources

Human resources are a vital part of almost every business. Since most of the non-transactional parts of HR are based on judgment – virtually every management and people decision is based on imperfect data – AI in HR has the potential to improve and automate many of the ad hoc decisions that HR specialists make on a daily basis.

There is a broad variety of scenarios in which AI can be utilised in HRTech. Many of them can be summarised under the following categories:

  • Recruiting
  • Metrics and analytics
  • Workplace culture
  • Personal development

In the recruiting phase, AI can automate candidate outreach and follow-up screening while reducing various biases that human recruiters might be prone to. It can also significantly augment candidate assessment, for example by AI-assisted analysis of video interviews with candidates. AI can also help in assessment and analytics of KPIs and different metrics by being able to replace human ad hoc gut feeling with a set of objective and consistently evaluated criteria, which can also improve compliance and reduce errors. Various AI-enabled agents (chatbots, avatars, etc.) can help with onboarding of new employees, enhance workplace learning and augment corporate training. Managers will be able to improve their leadership and team problem solving by AI tools while all employees can utilise similar tools for their personalised career management, development and coaching.

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