AISI Program

Startup Program

For start ups that need more than a financial support, we are ready to pitch in!
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Financial Investment

We offer investment tickets ranging from EUR 50 000 up to 1 500 000 to preseed and seed AI start ups.

Tailored help

Together with you we will identify the areas you need helping with and set up a plan to address them.


We offer experts from your industry to be your mentors with a hands on approach to not only tackle your problems, but foremost grow your start up.

Smart money

As part of our AISI Program, we can provide not only financial investment, but also services to address your current needs. Example of such services:

  • business and marketing strategies,
  • product development,
  • AI governance,
  • business model implementation,
  • market and competition analysis,
  • legal entity establishment and other legal services.

We partner with you in order to successfully prepare your startup for the next investment round.

How to apply?

It's simple, you only need to submit the form under the button Apply Now.

Apply now

Process how to get all the great things described above:

AISI will get in touch with you
Evaluation of your startup
Pitching to AISI investment board
Signing Term Sheet (Contract)
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