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AI news May 2024: GPT-4o, Google Gemini, EU AI Act, and Microsoft AI-powered PCs

OpenAI's GPT-4o has arrived, transforming real-time conversations and multilingual translations. Google's Gemini and Project Astra disrupt AI interactions, while the EU AI Act sets new global standards for ethical AI....
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Spotlight on AI innovation in the CEE region: V4 FireSide Chat heads to the Czech Republic

The V4 FireSide Chat concluded its online program with the final series of events – the Czech AI Chapter organized by Look AI Ventures, taking place in January 2024.
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Revolutionizing visual effects: Electric Sheep secures pre-seed funding to redefine green screens with AI

London-based startup Electric Sheep announces closing a pre-seed round of $500,000 to accelerate the Visual Effects industry with AI technology. The round was backed by AI-focused US VC Dasein Capital...
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Interview with Diana Saarva: Long-term resilience towards success

The tech industry is constantly evolving, and one of the most significant shifts in recent years is the increasing importance of having a balance of female founders. As more women...
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Azerbaijani startups returned to the Czech Republic to compete at the V4ATB Brno Demo Day

In cooperation with the leading players of the V4 startup ecosystem, a new group of selected Azerbaijani startups virtually competed in Brno to secure their spot in the semi-final.
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Interview with the Wolves pack: The origins and future of Wolves Summit Vienna

How does the team reflect on organizing their first event abroad, and what are the future plans for Wolves Summit Vienna? Read more in the following interview.
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Wolves Summit takes AI Startup Incubator's €50-250K pitching award to Vienna for the first time

Wolves Summit announced its first-ever event in Vienna, Austria, taking place on October 20-21st. AI Startup Incubator joins the Wolves pack and brings back the investment opportunity of €50.000-250.000.
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VISENSE raises pre-seed CHF 750K to help industrial manufacturers battle machine downtime

Swiss IIoT startup VISENSE closed its pre-seed round of CHF 750.000 (approximately €750.000) to help industrial manufacturers reduce unplanned downtime using computer vision and machine learning.
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Tech innovators return to Poland: Wolves Summit marks its 15th edition

Wolves Summit has successfully held its 15th edition on 24-27 May 2022, marking one of the CEE region's leading tech and innovation events.
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The future of workouts: FitTech startup Trackbar expands and launches a new product CURVE

Viennese FitTech startup Trackbar aims to shake up the connected fitness industry with a new technology CURVE that digitizes pin-loaded strength equipment and provides real-time feedback with a workout curve.
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AI Startup Incubator partners up with Wolves Summit for May'22 edition, bringing back the €50.000 AI award

AI Startup Incubator becomes Wolves Summit's partner again and returns with one of the event's main The Great Pitch Contest prizes; the opportunity to win a special award of €50K funding!
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Insurtech startup MotionsCloud secures $2M to boost the insurance claims process efficiency

MotionsCloud raised nearly $2 million in the latest round with its AI insurtech claim solution, backed by investors from all around the world, including AI Startup Incubator.
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