The first Czech PitchDAI presented 8 projects from around the world.

Date: 27. 9. 2019
By: Aleš Sýkora

Prague’s LaFabrika hosted a meeting of Czech investors with Startups in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The event was organised by Czech AI Startup Incubator. Eight projects came to seek funding for further development or expansion. Two Startup representatives came all the way from California, yet others from Mexico, Russia and Slovakia. Two Startups were made up of international teams. The Czech Republic also had its representative. All were vying for investments of one hundred thousand to half a million dollars.

Roman Cabálek, former CEO of Microsoft for Central and Eastern Europe, took the stage to “warm-up” presenters, investors and audience members. The programme was moderated by Daria Hvížďalová of GoodAI. The event was run in English.

The first Czech PitchDAI presented 8 projects from around the world.
Roman Cabálek, former CEO of Microsoft for Central and Eastern Europe

Presentations were watched by twenty Czech investors or their representatives. Questions about technological processes, business and marketing concepts were also posed by professional mentors from AI Startup Incubator.

"Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most exciting areas for investment," commented private investor Daniel Kunz. "Events like today's PitchDAI give me a quick idea of the available options, but also the ability to consult their feasibility with experts. I think yesterday was a very well invested day," he adds.

Each Startup had 25 minutes on stage, where they could not only present their product/service, but also the technologies involved, their business and marketing concept and, last but not least, their offer for investors. Twenty minutes for questions then followed. Part of the afternoon was reserved for individual discussion with investors and the day’s programme ended with an informal evening session.

"We didn’t want to put clients or investors under any unnecessary pressure. That's why we chose a longer period for the presentation of projects, with plenty of room for questions, instead of the traditional 5 minutes. Everyone appreciated that. There was a great atmosphere in the room and discussions continued long after the official part of the programme was over. That's exactly what we wanted to achieve, "says Petr Šrámek, founder and CEO of AI Startup Incubator.

The first Czech PitchDAI presented 8 projects from around the world.
Private investor David Kunz (left) and Petr Šrámek (right), CEO of AI Startup Incubator

The following Startups presented their projects:


The first Czech PitchDAI presented 8 projects from around the world.
Peter Kollár, CEO of Aviget

Peter Kollár, CEO of Aviget, came to PitchDAI to present the Slovak chatbot, not just for airlines. The easy-to-implement program hopes to cut the costs of airlines associated with the operation of call centres and counters at airports, while maximising customer comfort.

The sophisticated environment, which makes the most of AI and end-user mobile devices with a wide range of third-party chat tools, has already completed its practical functionality tests. Peter is looking for additional funds for development, marketing and sales through AI Startup Incubator.

More information:


The first Czech PitchDAI presented 8 projects from around the world.
Georgi Dimitroff (with microphone) and the ShoutBack team

The ShoutBack team introduced a unique analytical tool that combines feedback from online media readers, unique feedback that can be used by publishers, and public opinion analysis tools. The team is looking for an investor to further develop their prototypes of ShoutBack Voice and ShoutBack Pulse.

More information:


The first Czech PitchDAI presented 8 projects from around the world.
Sharmin Ali - CEO, co-founder Instoried

Instoried was another Startup vying for the attention of investors with its unique algorithm that can determine the emotional intelligence score and give a detailed analysis of written content in just a few seconds.

More information:


The first Czech PitchDAI presented 8 projects from around the world.
Taras Zagibalov, - CEO, founder SmallStep

“Yes we Kan!” say Taras Zagibalov and Dmitry Kan of SMALLSTEP.

The Startup focuses on language learning, utilising traditional teacher-pupil collaboration, the on-line environment and mobile technologies. Artificial intelligence adds another dimension.

The system can prepare a lesson from any text - it solves the problem of e-learning that requires specialised vocabulary (English for doctors, builders ...).

At the same time, it’s also possible to modify the trajectory of learning according to the user’s progress. It focuses on filling the learner’s gaps in knowledge, working on weak points, and, at the right moment, offering advancement to a higher level (tuition with a native speaker). Learning is great fun and the combination of methods allows anyone to study, no matter where they are.

More information:


The first Czech PitchDAI presented 8 projects from around the world.
Petr Kadlec, Chief of Product and Business development e-jobin

Petr Kadlec, Product Manager of e-jobin came on stage at Prague’s LaFabrika to present his HR project. He showed investors a sophisticated system that streamlines job interviews using artificial intelligence technology.

E-jobin enables prospective employees to conduct interviews in the comfort of their home and employers to process the first round of the selection procedure using online tools. This means there is no need to travel and saves time on both sides.

Technically, e-jobin is a combination of a video interview made by a job candidate in the comfort of his/her home, which is evaluated by a psychologist, with answers to a range of questions mapping the candidate's readiness for a particular job position. The basic questions are prepared by a psychologist, developed and refined by AI, which then gradually takes over the assessment of the video interview.

The e-jobin business model is not only designed for large corporations but also for small businesses that often face more difficulty selecting suitable candidates because they don’t employ a HR specialist. The Startup came to PitchDAI seeking a financial injection for further development.

More information:


The first Czech PitchDAI presented 8 projects from around the world.
Juan Carlos Elizalde, CEO, founder Illumina

Juan Carlos Elizalde, the company’s CEO, came to Prague to introduce this educational project, which originated in Mexico.

The learning platform is designed to teach mathematics at primary schools and at home. Lessons carefully balance on the edge of gamification, which also supports maximum effectiveness. Technologically, Illumina relies on artificial intelligence, which enables it to individualise lessons, adjust the tempo and complexity of lessons, and verify understanding of the subject matter across topics (subjects).

More information:


The first Czech PitchDAI presented 8 projects from around the world.
Waylo, Angik Sarkar, CEO, founder Waylo

Angik Sarkar, CEO of Waylo, joined PitchDAI via a video conference from Florida and showed investors a platform that can predict the price of a hotel room anywhere in the world.

The system is very simple to use for the customer, who simply enters the city and date of their stay on the web or using a mobile app. The system finds the best price of accommodation, which it then recommends. At the same time, it asks for any additional information (budget, accommodation in a particular area, distance from a specific place, etc.).

The chatbot, which the user communicates with throughout, is pleasant, specific and accurate, which is what conversation with artificial intelligence is like.

The sophistication of the whole solution, as well as the ability to intergate the platform with existing global reservation systems, has attracted particular interest from investors.

Angik Sarkar was seeking financial support for the company’s further technological and business development at PitchDAI.

More information:


The first Czech PitchDAI presented 8 projects from around the world.
Antony Ortiz - CEO, founder SmartPlate

The last Startup looking for an investor was Antony Ortiz’s unique SmartPlate, which, in conjunction with a mobile phone, can recognise food placed on SmartPlate, its nutritional value, and store this information in an application that becomes a personal nutrition trainer.

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