Date: 1. 7. 2020
By: Aleš Sýkora

The project is co-financed by the Governments of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.


To strengthen the Czech Republic and the V4 Region (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary) presence on the European tech scene, we and other 3 partners have created #V4:VentureDrill - a know-how platform for 48 leading startups with 4 DemoDays in 4 regional capital cities. 

The project focuses on creating cross-border platform to connect startups with investors and a tool-kit to help them launch markets in the other V4 countries. It is crucial to detect and support high potential start-ups throughout their journey to scaling up. As the long-term result of the project the strong Visegrad startup ecosystem shall appear on the radar of international high-tech investors.



Startup scouting

12 pre-seed or seed startups from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia will we selected for the program.


Bootcamps with VCs

Selected by local partners startups will enjoy online exercises. 1-to-1 and
1-to-all sessions, and meet-ups with pitches and VCs lectures. 


Webinars Library

As a result of  the project we will create an online video tool-kit - a library of lessons in English to help all startups understand better the needs of corporations and optics of VC funds.

Today’s events last in the public sphere for a very short time. This Project is the first solution in the region to keep created intellectual and branding legacy visible and make partner’s brands present in the startup world for years.  


4 DemoDays in 4 regional capital cities (Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest) with a promotional presence of all partners.

28 educational video materials will be recorded during 4 regional events. They will be distributed to the wide spectrum of CEE startups.

48 premium startups from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland from fields selected by Partners.  

This online library for current and upcoming generations of startup founders will be a handful of tools to prepare given startups for productive talks with corporations and VCs.

JOIN THE V4:VentureDrill


We are currently looking for 12 premium startups from the Czech Republic. Please contact us for more information by contact form below.


Phase 1 (24th Sept 2020) - Poland

Recruitment -> training -> demo day for 12 pre-seed and seed startups in Warsaw (keynote speakers from Hungary, Czech Rep. and Slovakia).

Speakers from AISI:

Jan Miksatko

Jan Miksatko -  AI Software Engineering Expert, Business Owner, Healthcare Specialist, Investor - Ententee/Impact 51

Jan Fura

Jan Fura -  IT Retail Private Brands Subject Matter Expert, Business Owner - S4RB/Future Solutions.

Phase 2 (June - August 2020) - Slovakia

Recruitment -> training -> demo day for  12 pre-seed and seed startups in Bratislava (keynote speakers from Hungary, Czech Rep. and Poland).

Phase 3 (December 2020 - February 2021) - Hungary

Recruitment -> training -> demo day for  12 pre-seed and seed startups in Budapest (keynote speakers from Poland, Czech Rep. and Slovakia).

Phase 4 (March - May 2021) - Czech republic

Recruitment -> training -> demo day for  12 pre-seed and seed startups in Prague (keynote speakers from Hungary, Poland and Slovakia).



Startup Hub Poland is a Warsaw based NGO profilied in scouting for the best deep-tech startup in order to facilitate business and investment connections with industry partners and VCs.


Central European University is an undergraduate- and graduate-level “crossroads” university. As a partner from Hungary, they will support the project on the fields such as  cultural and social diversity with a global perspective on good governance, sustainable development and social transformation.


CIVITTA is the leading management consultancy across the Baltics and Eastern Europe. As a partner from Slovakia they will provide significant experience and background in research commercialization, start-up support and creative industries.

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