Tech innovators return to Poland: Wolves Summit marks its 15th edition

Date: 22. 7. 2022
By: Eva Slonkova
  • Wolves Summit has successfully held its 15th edition on 24-27 May 2022, marking one of the CEE region's leading tech and innovation events
  • The summit traditionally attracted a wide international audience of startups, investors, VCs, entrepreneurs, and organizations from over 50 countries
  • Wolves Summit introduced expansions to several fields, including Corporate Innovation, HR & Recruitment, and ESG, as well as a new startup and innovation arm, WolvesX
  • The winners of the main event's competition became startups, Omniaz, and Zoundream, with Zoundream also winning the AI Startup Incubator special AI award

PRAGUE, the Czech Republic - The 15th edition of Wolves Summit evolved and expanded, featuring themes such as Future of Work & HR, Future of our Cities & Homes, Impact Investing & Technology, Deeptech & Cutting Edge, The Unicorn Path, and New Industries in the Spotlight. Moreover, the organizers introduced an innovation arm, WolvesX, to further benefit their customers.

Outlining some of the most discussed topics of today's tech world, the 4-day event also extended the opportunities and prizes for the most innovative startups, making it the series's largest and most impactful summit. The event was held both in-person in Wroclaw, Poland, and online via Hopin.

"Wolves Summit '22 was a great event for meeting investors, building new connections with fellow startups, and generally extending our network. I look forward to seeing Wolves Summit come to Vienna this autumn, where we are based."

Stefan Schade, CEO at Viennese FitTech startup Trackbar

Wolves Summit 2022 grand finale: The Great Pitch Contest

For the summit's 15th edition, Wolves Summit invited over a dozen innovation and business experts, including our Partner & Business Director Angelo Burgarello, to join the jury and evaluate participating startups at the competition.

The TOP 12 startups were selected and invited to pitch their solutions at The Great Pitch Contest, the startup competition's grand finale. The finalists were S.Lab (UA), UltronAR (PL), (PL), ChallengeRocket (PL), Zoundream (CH), Braight Technologies (US), Darvis (US), Omniaz (SG), Kibus Petcare (ES), Agrolink (AR), Supliful (US), Bisonte (PL), and Grabmax (HU).

Wolves Summit
Angelo Burgarello during The Great Pitch Contest

The Great Pitch Contest winner was Polish startup, an application for landlords to securely check their tenants to make safer and more informed leasing decisions. Startup Omniaz from Singapore placed 2nd with their computer vision & augmented reality technology for brands and retailers to digitalize their stores and provide augmented shopping experiences. Finally, 3rd place was taken by Swiss Zoundream, an AI technology that analyzes newborns' cry sounds to determine the cause of baby cries. 

Moreover, Zoundream's solution took the attention of our AI Startup Incubator team and became the winner of our special AI award. In the next step, their team will have an opportunity to present their innovative solution right in front of our investment board and pitch for a €50.000 funding opportunity.

"I was delighted with the high level of innovation and quality of the projects presented at the Wolves Summit 2022 competition. Those kinds of actions are a clever strategy to attract talent all around the world," reflects on the event and pitching contest Ana Laguna Pradas, a Co-founder & Data Scientist at Zoundream. "Our technology can perfectly fit into any connected device around the house, being very valuable support, 24/7 and completely non-invasive, to any family with a newborn around the world. Having said that, events such as Wolves Summit are great for networking, allowing startups to meet potential global clients, research partners, investors, etc.," adds Ana.

Tech innovators return to Poland: Wolves Summit marks its 15th edition
The Great Pitch Contest award ceremony

"Thanks to the invaluable support of the City of Wrocław, we transformed our regular event into a 4-day mega-tech festival that allowed us to invite 2138 attendees from 52 countries. It was the biggest hybrid event we have organized since March 2020 and a perfect proof, alongside the feedback from Wolves Summit 2022 participants, that traditional events, as opposed to the 100% virtual ones, are back for good. We're hoping to repeat the same success next year."

Michael Chaffe, CEO at Wolves Summit

"It was an honor to represent Singapore at the Wolves Summit. Whilst our countries may be thousands of miles apart, there were no borders in the bonds that were built. There was a constant hymn of innovation and collaboration in the air which nursed the countless networks forged which would last for the many years ahead," says Jason Tay, Senior Director at M-DAQ Global.

Future plans of the Wolves team

Successfully closing the first mega-tech edition of the summit series, Wolves Summit plans to return to Wroclaw in May 2023 to bring together the CEE region's and beyond innovation community once again.

However, that's not everything for 2022. The Wolves team will take over Vienna later this year, on October 20-21, marking its first event in Austria! You can learn more about the upcoming summit and get your tickets at

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